Yasuhito Sugiyama

There is a very nice article on Cleveland.com about Yasuhito Sugiyama, principal tuba with the
Cleveland Orchestra. Here is an excerpt:

Not quite three years later, Sugiyama can tell the tale with a twinkle in his eyes. He is happily ensconced as principal tuba of the Cleveland Orchestra, of which he became a permanent member in January 2006 after four months as a substitute.Yasuhito Sugiyama, principal tuba of the Cleveland Orchestra, feels right at home onstage at Severance Hall. Sugiyama, 40, has made his musical presence felt here. His elegant, focused artistry fits beautifully into the orchestra’s tradition. He provides a firm foundation for the brass section and projects utmost confidence when the tuba emerges from the sonic fabric

Make sure to check out the video of him playing alone onstage, which shows you why Yasuhito is famous for his warm sound and musical approach.

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