Assorted News from the Tuba World

Mel Culbertson has a new website and seminars, including one in his hometown of Ventura, CA. I recall seeing Mr. Culbertson gave his student Arnoud Boukhatine a big hug after winning the Guebwiller competition. Check out the extensive list of accomplishments by Culbertson’s stuents. I have heard some amazing things about the French conservatoire method, and I am very curious about Mel’s teaching. I cannot attend this year, but I hope to in the future (flying to France is getting a bit pricey)

Last week, I visited West Music at the invitation of Tom Beaver and Steve West to try their line of new Accent Instruments. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to play their CC tuba, I was very impressed by the sound and craftsmanship of these horns. They are manufactured in Germany and are very similar to Meinl Westons – no surprise since they are reportedly made in the same place. Like Mirafone, they have created a high-quality, consistent, resonant tubas that are made to last, but don’t cost as much as top line manufacturers, which is perfect for schools.

I received a catalogue from Roger Lewis’ latest endeavor, Legacy Winds. They sell bassoons, euphoniums, flutes, oboes, piccolos, and tubas; including Besson, Meinl Weston, Miraphone, Willson and Yamaha.

Oystein Baadsvik discusses the new Miraphone E-flat tubas.

I sat with Mike Roylance (Boston Symphony) at John Faieta’s wedding and he tells me that he and Miraphone will be coming out with some new instruments. He also mentioned that he is thinking of starting a podcast, with a broad theme.

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  1. Iris Vieira says:

    Olá Mister Mel Culbertson. lembra demim eu a tubista Brasileira Iris que já tive aula com vossa magestade. espero que vc esteja bém.Saudades

  2. Iris Vieira says:


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