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Going to ITEC 2010!

Earlier this year, my students and I were invited to perform at ITEC (International Tuba Euphonium Conference) 2010 at the University of Arizona in May. I just learned that the University of Iowa School of Music will provide us with … Continue reading

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Stockhausen Video

Check out this video from YouTube: Watch for the tuba player (not sure who it is) one minute into this wild performance! There are five total clips featuring this performance of “Micheals Reise un de Welt” (Michael’s Journey) by Kalheinz … Continue reading

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The Creative Tubist

My friend, colleague, and fellow blogger Jeff Agrell asked me to write a guest article for the International Horn Society Journal. Here’s a peek: Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can play weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Tuba or Euphonium Mute

Tuba and euphonium mutes are expensive, rarely needed, and sometimes not worth it. Contact for a free pattern to build your own mute for less than ten dollars. It involves cutting six pieces of foam core (available at art stores) … Continue reading

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