Tubas In the News

When I was in Boston, I briefly met up with Mike Roylance and Jim Self. They had just finished rehearsing for the New England Conservatory’s Brass Bash. A few days later, Mike premiered a brand new Tuba Concerto by Gunther Schuller; mentioned here in Tireless Gunther Schuller leads premiere of new tuba concerto from the Boston Globe.

Tuba soloist Patrick Sheridan shares his skills with wind ensemble from the Courier.co.uk

Some of my students and I attended the Great Plains Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference, and I was very proud of all of them due to the fact that each of them won some type of competition award. You can read more about it here: “Tuba euphonium studio wins accolades” on the University of Iowa School of Music blog.

An article about the lastest YouTube Symphony winner from Pittsburgh Post Gazette, a feature about him and his winning entry on YouTube. According to the YouTube Symphony’s page, the Grand Finale Concert will be be webcast live here on March 19, 2011.

Lauren Veronie, euphoniumist with the Army Field Band has a great blog called Loud Life; odyssey of a low brass lady. Check out her latest post about the Midwest Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference.

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