You Tuba

Ewe Tube

Cartoon by Dan Reynolds

For the longest time, every time I attempted to type “YouTube” I accidentally typed “YouTuba” – Freudian slip I guess. You Tube is amazing – not only can you view videos of all sorts, from funny and cute, to educational and entertaining –  but it is fantastic for musicians. In lieu of actually going to a live performance, one can view recordings of one-of-a-kind concerts of every genre. It’s especially helpful to jazz musicians who must study the performances of the great jazz musicians of the past, and some of the footage is invaluable. NPR did a story on it a while back called “A Blog Supreme“.

For their final project this semester, my students have to listen to a list of eleven works I call “The Power of Program Music“. This playlist allows students to not only hear a good recording of each piece, but accompanying footage of orchestras and conductors, slide shows of related images, and informative talks about some of the works. For more about the final project, go here.

One of my students has started his own You Tube Channel called, appropriately enough, The Tuba Room. My favorite is Sweet Caroline, but he has also done a great job recording his own versions of some of the viral videos by the Gregory Brothers.

I also have a You Tube Channel here that features several playists: including “Tuba Gems”, “Brass Ensembles” and videos about breathing. I’d love to learn about more channels that might be tuba-related, so let me know if you have one.

P.S. – There is a You Tuba. It’s a quartet from the U.K.

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2 Responses to You Tuba

  1. Jazz Site says:

    I used Youtube for videos more than ANY other website. That’s cool that one of your students has a youtube channel. The Power of Program Music is awesome and should help a lot of people.


  2. Jon says:

    Great cartoon “Ewe tube” 🙂

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