Oktoberfest and OkTUBAfest

OkTUBAfest 2010 Poster

Yesterday I enjoyed a visit to an authentic Oktoberfest, held each year at the Amana Colonies, a German colony not far from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They had a parade, a cute dog costume contest, activities for the kids, Polka bands, and of course beer. My students have performed at this Oktoberfest in the past, as part of our OkTUBAfest, but this year I just enjoyed the atmosphere and listened to a Bavarian band in the Festhalle Barn. Our 2010 OkTUBAfest will include a recital by guest artist Tim Buzbee, our annual children’s concert called Spooky Tubas, and a studio recital. For more information about our OkTUBAfest, check out the Events page of our studio website.

On a recent episode Rick Steve’s Europe, one of my favorite travel shows, he explained that the origins of Oktoberfest began in the early 19th century as a wedding party for Crown Prince Ludwig. It was such a success, the city of Munich decided to make it an annual event. The Oktoberfest has grown to be the largest fair in the world, with millions of visitors each year. Like the one in Amana, there are now Oktoberfest celebrations held around the world, including Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

This year, the 177th Munich Oktoberfest wraps up tomorrow, so if you want to go, you had better start planning ahead for next year. The official website has all the information you might need, including news, history, travel information, souvenirs, and even their new iPhone app! And if you are in the Iowa City area, please join us for OkTUBAfest 2010.

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2 Responses to Oktoberfest and OkTUBAfest

  1. Hello
    I an an artist who created a man with tuba mentioned on you web page;
    just want to say Thank you for your appreciation of my work.



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