Cosmopolitan Tuba-Euphonium Workshop

Mike Milnarik, a colleague and old friend, is one of the most industrious and active tuba players out there. Among many hats he wears, he is the director of the Cosmopolitan Tuba-Euphonium Workshop, which just had a very successful 2010 season. This is what one of the students had to say about his experience:

“Think about a masterclass with a great tuba or euphonium player/teacher. Now add the chance to hear those players perform at an amazing level and give clinics on different aspects of playing the instrument. Multiply that by 5 or so guest artists.  Add the chance to listen to other players of all ages and abilities.  Add to that the chance to play with said musicians.  Throw in some great concerts ranging from jazz and funk to rock and some great original works by Sanae Kanda and you have CTEW. DEFINITELY worth attending!!!”

Matthew Lindahl
College Participant 2008 & 2010

Guests artists at the CTEW have included Brian Bowman, Matthew Brown, Adam Frey, Don Harry, and Jim Self.

Mike also has a beautifully remodeled website with information about his busy schedule, many projects and teaching. If you are a tuba or euphonium player of any level or expereince, you should consider attending this workshop.

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