Tuba Retreat

The Rodney Mack Philadelphia Big Brass is sponsoring a Tuba Retreat on the Outer Banks of North Carolina September 12-18, 2010 with special guests Alan Baer and Sam Pilafian. It sounds like an AMAZING time! Here are the details from their facebook site:

The RMPBB Outer Banks Tuba Retreat is a unique opportunity for tuba players from around the worldto come together to share their love of playing the tuba. Participants come from all walks of life: students, teachers, professionals,
enthusiasts, part-time players, comeback players, etc. All are welcome
in a non-competitive, friendly, supporting atmosphere where learning and
sharing knowledge is the key element to the week.

The beautiful setting of the Outer Banks of North Carolina is the perfect
backdrop for the tuba retreat. Participants are housed in a luxury
mansion, steps away from the beach, fully equipped with a swimming pool,
hot tub, game rooms, barbecue, etc. Here is a link to the house: http://www.carolinadesigns.com/cdfinal/ASP/INCLUDES/oneprop.asp?propid=653

Tuba Retreat Faculty are Matthew K. Brown – tubist with the Rodney Mack
Philadelphia Big Brass, Alan Baer – principal tubist of the New York
Philharmonic, and Sam Pilafian – Prof. of Tuba at Arizona State
University. There will be ample opportunity to spend time with the
retreat faculty throughout the week.* Included in the fee for the
retreat is one week of lodging, four gourmet style dinners, four days
of seminars, master classes and ensemble practice. Private instruction
can be arranged separately. The tuba retreat is held in
conjunction with the RMPBB Outer Banks Trumpet Retreat; in addition to
activities led by the tuba faculty, participants will share meals and
observe classes led by the world-class faculty of the RMPBB trumpet
retreat. Enrollment is limited; interested tubists are encouraged to apply early.

Application can be downloaded here: http://www.rmpbb.com/docs/738-docs.pdf

Tuition, Room and Board -$850
Couple’s rate (non participating spouse)-$1,200
Couple’s rate (participating spouses)-$1,400
Non refundable deposit -$350

Tuition/Application deadline August 15, 2010
UPDATE – July 23: We have just a few spots left! Act fast if you want one!
Payment plans available – direct inquires to:
*guest artists subject to change

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One Response to Tuba Retreat

  1. Hey John, Great site! If anyone is interested, Principal Tuba with the New York Philharmonic Al Baer, is one of the artists leading the charge at the 2012 RMPBB Winter Tuba Retreat…or is that leading the retreat at the retreat? Here is the link: http://www.rmpbb.com/artist.php?view=reper&rid=901

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