Spring Travel

Since April, I have constantly been traveling and have had little time for blogging. I’ve counted, and I have, or will have performed in ten cities in nine states in ten weeks:

  • Elgin, IL w/Iowa Brass Quintet
  • Lake Okeboji, IA w/Iowa Brass Quintet
  • Sioux Falls, SD w/Iowa Brass Quintet
  • Wayne, NE w/Iowa Brass Quintet
  • Madison, WI w/Iowa Brass Quintet
  • Grinnel, IA w/Java Jews
  • Louisville, KY w/Java Jews
  • Tucson, AZ for the International Tuba Euphonium Conference
  • Santa Monica, CA w/University of Iowa Dance Department
  • Moraga, CA for the Atlantic Brass Quintet Seminar

Here’s a slide show of some of the photos from these travels:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One Response to Spring Travel

  1. Louis Hanzlik says:

    Pumpkin, I love the photo of Main Street in Wayne, NE…my hometown! So great that you were there.

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