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In a recent feature on All About Jazz, my friend and hero Eli Newberger was featured by Edward Bribe in his article Eli Newberger: Music Maker, Medicine Man. For those who don’t already know Eli, he is a fantastically gifted tubaist who also happens to be a renowned Pediatrician. In this article, Eli and his wife Carolyn, speak of their love of music, medicine, and art and we learn a good bit about Eli most tuba players aren’t aware of. Here is a brief excerpt:

New Englanders who know Dr. Eli Newberger through his clinical services respect him as an expert in family conflict. His face is as familiar as almost any other jazz musicians, but for a different reason: his (all-too-frequent) television appearances as an expert commentator on matters of family violence and child abuse. But if forced to make a choice between current careers, one wonders whether he could do so, as the two paths of medicine and music are so intertwined as to be one.

Eli played with the New Black Eagle Jazz Band for years, and has made several recordings of classic jazz and dixieland music that way it is supposed to be played – with good friends and for the sheer joy of it.  To find out more, check out Eli Newberger’s Webpage.

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2 Responses to Eli Newberger Article

  1. Chris Lydon says:

    Dear John:

    Up with tubas and especially the master players thereof.

    We never forget your magic on The Connection and — the hundred-fold response!

    Loved the Eli piece, and love that Eli — my soul mate for a half century, mirabile dictu.

    Don’t even think of playing in New England without letting me know all about it.

    And I’m always available to narrate the all-brass “Lincoln Portrait,” too.

    Happy New Year and all best.

    Chris Lydon

    • John Manning says:


      Thank you SO much, I am flattered by your words, and my experience on The Connection will remain one of my favorites memories of Boston. Here’s to the tuba – and to Eli. Love the Lincoln Portrait idea, might take you up on it. Happy New year, and thanks again! I was also happy to discover Radio Open Source to get my fix of tying the universe together.

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