Make Your Own Tuba or Euphonium Mute

Tuba and euphonium mutes are expensive, rarely needed, and sometimes not worth it. Contact for a free pattern to build your own mute for less than ten dollars. It involves cutting six pieces of foam core (available at art stores) joined by ducted tape. This design can be disassembled and folded flat for storage or travel. The success of the mute depends on proper measurement, some trial and error to fit properly in the bell, and experimenting with additional materials like fabric or foam lining the inside walls to absorb more sound.

Tuba Mute Pattern

Email me

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8 Responses to Make Your Own Tuba or Euphonium Mute

  1. Keith Chapin says:

    Hi John.

    The link to the mute pattern is not working.


  2. Noel Carrick says:

    Hi is this a practice mute or a straight mute? We have a test piece that requires mutes but not sure if your design would suit
    regards Noel

    • John Manning says:

      It is a straight mute. The square design allows for a lot of clearance around the bell, so in some cases it might not be “mutey” enough. Someone suggested and octagonal shape, which would be much more form-fitting and could possible serve as a practice mute. I’ve also found that if you take a regular mute, and fill the gaps with a pad of foam, and cap it off with the “hood” of an altieri gig bag, that works very well, without affecting the pitch.

  3. Glenn Robinson says:

    Hello Mr.Manning may you give me tips on wats the best tuba to buy. Next is there a way for me to pick the color of it and to put my name on it. I plan to be a engineer but i want to play in an orcestra in the future and have my tuba. Thank you for your time.

    • John Manning says:


      Selecting a tuba is a very personal decision. Much like any major purchase, it depends on your needs and your budget. I recommend getting to a reputable dealer, where they have a good selection of new and used tubas, and spending a few hours trying them all out. If by pick the color you mean lacquer or silver, that is also up to your preference. Pat Sheridan has a new tuba that is red and blue, not sure that’s what you are asking. Name on it? Not sure I can help with that one.

  4. alex says:

    i was wondering if u can help me make one for my sousaphone yamaha tuba humes and berg never have it in stock

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