Tuba Art

I’ve frequently noticed how popular tubas are as the subject of photography. Their eye-catching size seems to be a magnet for artists as well. I occasionally trawl the internet for tuba-related art and found some of the more interesting works below. Okay, some of them are officially sousaphones, but they all caught my eye.

Tuba Musician ceramic sculpture by Ludmilla Kosima
Tuba Fats by Allen Flattmann (Bryant Galleries)
Tuba Parrot by Rocking Chair Frank
Tuba (mixed media) by Paul Goodnight

Ray Grim, tuba meister by Jacinto Guevara
(Used by the band Eskimo Spit Bath Orchestra as a photo on their bands orchestra members page of their website)

The Ladder of Fire I (L’Échelle du Feu)
1934 by Magritte

Found at the blog about books Seven Impossible Things, this illustration is by Dave McKean from the illustrated book
The Wolves in the Walls written by Neil Gaiman.
“The biggest, fattest wolf of all was playing an old wolf melody on Lucy’s father’s second-best tuba”


Tuba Player by Mia Wolff from her blog Wolff Brain
Gato Loco
featuries Joe Exley on tuba

Tuba Player by Andrei Aserivants

Dessin Tuba by Jean Coulon

Tuba Sculpture by Jordan Janesko

Tuba by Don Stewart

Tuba (bronze) by Alex Palkovich

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5 Responses to Tuba Art

  1. Love the McKean! Great quote, too.

  2. Linda Janesko says:

    Dear John Manning,
    I enjoyed reading your column on Tuba art. My son is Jordan Janesko and I was happy to see his great piece,”Tuba Sulpture” on your website. He is a fantastic artist and tuba player. One of our neatest memories is of participating in TubaChristmas at Rockerfeller Center in the 80’s.
    Linda Janesko

  3. John Manning says:


    Thank you for your comment, your son is obviously very talented. I hear the NY TubaChristmas is amazing.

  4. Nick says:

    You’re as awesome as the tuba itself. Thanks for compiling this stuff.

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