Brian Wolff Workshop

Yesterday, our studio enjoyed a creative and inspiring workshop presented by Brian Wolff. Formerly of Drums and Tuba fame, and currently touring with Buckethead, Brian took time out of his busy schedule to share his music and thoughts with students. From my notes, here are a few things he said that I really liked:

“Your instrument is just a means of expressing yourself”

“I’ve travelled around the world playing weird electronic tuba music”

“Audiences are more open-minded [to experimental music] than the music industry gives them credit for”

“This is my third tour with him (Buckethead), and I still haven’t met the guy”

“Carve out your niche”

Brian also mentioned some of his influences and information about his inspiration and equipment. Here are a few related links:

Spaceheads – The band he heard in Lafayette, LA that inspired him to do what he does

The two New Orleans style brass bands he mentioned were Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Rebirth Brass Band

Barcus-Berri –  The manufacturer of microphones and pickups for orchestral and band instruments

ELO – Electric Light Orchestra

Fugazi – The punk band from Washington D.C. who do business and music on their own terms (Their Dischord Records Site)

Ian McKaye – Member of Fugazi and owner of Dischord Records

Marcus Rojas – The New York tuba performer and teacher Brian mentioned. Marcus is my hero; plays everything from orchestral and chamber music, to commercial and free improvisation.

The Ramones – One of the greatest bands ever and pioneers of the punk movement.

The Picador – I don’t know much about this Iowa City club, but if they are open-minded enough to book Buckethead and Wolff, I’ll keep an eye on their schedule

Buckethead – The eccentric and mysterious guitar player

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