Final Project – Fall 2009

Each semester, our studio completes a final project. Intended as a semester-long endeavor, the final project varies each semester, but is intended to help you learn beyond applied lessons and ensemble experience. This semester, I have chosen to focus on literature on music and the brain. I have selected a number of highly recommended books on the subject and compiled an Amazon wish list here.

I got the idea while shopping at the Boston University bookstore this summer, when I purchased The Mastery of Music: Ten Pathways to True Artistry by Barry Green. Kind of like a book club, I wanted the studio to spend a semester reading, discussing, and applying the concepts within the best literature regarding the relationship between intellect and musicianship.

Here are the complete details of the assignment:

University of Iowa Tuba-Euphonium Studio
Final Project – Fall 2009

  • Read book at your own pace, but complete it by October 29th.
  • Write down useful quotations and concepts
  • Use quotations and concepts in Seminar class
  • Apply concepts in your own practice, performing, lessons
  • Prepare a five-minute oral book report to present at the final Seminar meeting; which should include a summary, observations and review.

Peruse all of the texts and by next week, be ready to express your choices in order of preference. The order of the random drawn lots was:

  1. Steve
  2. Michael
  3. Blaine
  4. Tucker
  5. Devin
  6. Pat
  7. Justin
  8. Dana
  9. Kristina
  10. Ben A.
  11. Ben R.
  12. Karina

• At the beginning of Seminar next week (Thursday, September 3rd), book selections will be made in the order above. I would suggest ranking your books, and rank as many as your lot number. [If you drew number 12, be sure to rank your top 12 books since you will choose last)

• Everyone must acquire (purchase, borrow, or sign out) their books by the next by September 10th.

• Blaine and I will inform you of which books are available through the University of Iowa Library, the Iowa City Public Library, or the Coralville Public Library.
• You must complete the book by October 29th (7 weeks), and make weekly notes and quotations to use when making your comments in seminar.

• The complete list of books maybe be found at the following link:

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