Fan Gets McCartney Autograph Tattoo

Audrey McCombes, a lucky fan at a Paul McCartney concert was invited onstage after she held up a sign that read “Sign my arm so I can get it tattooed”. From Times and Transcript of Canada, here is the complete article, “Live and Let Dye” (great title) and an excerpt:

“After the first verse, he looked at it and he got this really puzzled look on his face. I’ll never forget it. And then he kept smiling at me throughout the song.”

Ms. McCombs considered taking a different sign to the concert. She’s a tuba player and thought about taking a poster offering to play tuba for Mr. McCartney.

The Beatle fan is a music education major at a California university and hopes to attend Liverpool Hope University in the England next. It offers a master’s degree in the Beatles, popular music and society.

Music isn’t the only way Mr. McCartney has influenced the fan. Ms. McCombs is also a vegetarian.

After walking off the stage Saturday night, Ms. McCombs was so worked up she had to visit the medical tent before returning to watch the rest of the show.

Ms. McCombs left to return home at about 3 a.m. Sunday morning. She didn’t shower and got one of her friends to arrange an appointment for the tattoo.”

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