Four Corners Released

I am happy to announce that my first solo CD, “Four Corners: Tuba Music from around the World” has been released on Summit Records. UPDATE: The website Just For Brass, has Four Corners as a featured product for July and August.
It is also available at Amazon, hbdirect, and CD Universe. There are also free bonus tracks available for download here and at napster of my own composition “Dark”, which is an electronic/acoustic backdrop to be improvised over, like I did on the CD.

Here is the complete program:

Retratos by Vinicio Meza
Fantasy on a Lakota Theme
by Kenton Bales
Tuba Concerto by Barry McKimm
Guzheng Suite transcribed by Chi Sun Chan
Silhouette by John Harmon
Dark by John Manning

Thanks to the University of Iowa for funding this project. Also a special thanks to: Shari Rhoades, piano; Shin-Yi Yang, guzheng; Chi-Sun Chan, arranger of Guzheng Suite; Jeff Funderburk, Producer; my teachers Sam Pilafian and Scott Mendoker and my family.

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One Response to Four Corners Released

  1. David A says:

    I’ve been wondering when it was going to make it out. I had been occasionally checking online retailers off and on to see if had been released yet.

    Also, kudos for putting “Dark” out. I dig that piece.

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