Lukas Bratcher: assistive technology euphonium

Lukas Bratcher  - photo credit

Lukas Bratcher - Photo by Haden Barkley

Edutopia, the website for the George Lucas Educational Foundation has a remarkable and inspirational video of Lukas Bratcher who plays euphonium with assistive technology. I hope we continue to help people follow their dreams regardless of any physical limitations. Please take the time to go to their site and search Lukas Bratcher and check out the site. You can also view it through VodPod here. Thanks to Josh Calkin (Yellow Tuba, White Noise) for the tip.

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One Response to Lukas Bratcher: assistive technology euphonium

  1. Hey Professor Manning! One of my old professors, Bob Levy, often spends summers in Haiti, and sent out this clip of one of his prize students from there, playing the Haydn, also disabled but sounding great: . (caveat: student orchestra.)

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