Great Plains Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference

All Faiths Chapel - Kansas State

All Faiths Chapel - Kansas State

Last week, my students and I attended the Great Plains Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference (GPRTEC) at Kansas State University in Manhatten, Kansas. Collegium Tubum presented a concert of arrangements – some by our own students – and played better than ever. I was very proud of all of my students, but especially of those who entered the competitions. As it turned out, they all received awards, which is fantastic. They included:

  • Blaine Cunningham – 1st place in the over 21 tuba solo competition
  • Karina Ferrera – 1st place in the under 21 euphonium competition
  • Chris Dickey – Honorable Mention in the over 21 euphonium competition
  • The “Corntet” (Karina Ferrera, Melissa Reiff, Kristina Gavin, Pat Bigsby) – 3rd place in the quartet competition
  • Chet Aliga – won the “Tuba Toss”

Many thanks and kudos to Steve Maxwell, who hosted the event, and our colleagues in all of the studios throughout the Great Plains who participated. Also thanks to Barbara York, my pianist for my recital and composer of many beautiful works for tuba.

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2 Responses to Great Plains Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference

  1. Jim Murdock says:

    I am trying to locate Mel Culbertson, who played tuba when he was a student at CSULB. I was a teacher there in the 60’s and would like to contact Mel, if he is still involved with tuba. In those days, tuba was an unusual solo instrument and I played his senior recital. He studied with Roger Bobo at the time. Hope you can help. Thanks. Jim Murdock

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