Paul Dosier

I recently heard the sad news of the passing Boston tuba busker, Paul “the Tubanator” Dosier. With his band, Made In the Shade, he was a mainstay on the streets of Boston and Cambridge. Please watch the videos below to learn more about this talented, gentle man who died long before his time.

The first, a two-part documentary about Paul, is really well-edited, with surprisingly excellent sound. Listen to Paul’s solid bass lines, and a confident and tasteful solos. Also be sure to check out the promotional video of Made in the Shade’s school show, Jazz: America’s Music.

Thanks to Phil Johnson, and my condolences to Dan Fox and the rest of Paul’s friends.

Don’t You Wish You Played the Piccolo (Pt. 1)

Don’t You Wish You Played the Piccolo (Pt. 2)

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6 Responses to Paul Dosier

  1. eileen finkelstein says:

    Hi, Dan just told me about Paul. I’m in shock. I did the video (‘don’t you wish you played the piccolo?) about Paul. I’d be happy to send anyone a dvd of it if anyone is interested. As anyone who knew Paul knows, he was such a kind person and memorable to everyone who met him. I would love others who never met Paul in life, to have a glimpse of him, even if for a few minutes on video. I am so sad. My condolences to his friends and family.-
    Eileen Finkelstein, Los Angeles

  2. I am greatly saddened to hear about my friend Paul. We hung out quite often, and at times were unseperable during the early 90s, and was honored to have him play for my senior recital in 1992. The last time I saw him was when I was passing through town in 1994, and tried to reconnect with him in previous years but to no avail. I have a couple of pictures of him and me either on my Facebook or MySpace pages. Paul was one of a kind, and the tuba world (as well as many other circles) has lost a true musician.

  3. Irl Sanders says:

    Oh man that’s sad. I played tuba side by side with Paul at Berklee. What a great guy , and dedicated musician. Farewell to a tuba player’s tuba player.

  4. Ryan H. Turner says:

    I just found out about Paul. Paul and I went to school together at Pasadena City College. What a great guy! Had no idea there was a documentary about him–and a WELL DONE documentary too! RIP PAUL!!

  5. John, thank you for posting this! Paul and I were roommates and close friends while we attended Berklee. I had the opportunity to visit Paul and his family on Summer and Winter Holiday when they were still living in Pasadena. Many fond memories!! I was just perusing through my album from college and was looking at many of the pics from our travels and college Graduation!! If there is a page, I would be happy to post some of them. Eileen, I would love to obtain a copy of the DVD if you still have any copies available. Please contact me on facebook. Thank you!!

  6. efinkelstein says:

    Hi Phyllis
    I sent an email to facebook but I don’t know if it was yours. If you’re interested in me sending you a DVD I’d be happy to do that. Please email me at
    I think about Paul often and I’m so glad I got to spend so much time with him making the film.

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