Boston for Christmas

I just returned from a very enjoyable visit to Boston, despite all of the expected weather-related delays. I got to hear my niece and nephew perform a piano recital, visited with family and friends, and best of all, stayed at the Bertram Inn bed and breakfast. It is a beautiful Victorian house in Brookline, with a very cozy atmosphere, fantastic breakfast and coffee all day long.

As expected, we encountered numerous weather-related delays, both comic and ironic. Here’s a short list:

  • Leaving Moline, IL our flight was delayed due to the fact that that de-icing equipment was frozen
  • We arrived late to Chicago, but luckily our departing flight to Boston was delayed as well
  • Unfortunately, we had an eighty-minute hold on the runway due to a traffic problem
  • Upon arrival at Logan airport in Boston, our jet, which successfully landed in a blizzard, was temporarily stuck in the snow
  • We waited for two hours for our luggage because the luggage compartment doors were frozen shut
  • When I checked in for my return flight home, the ticket agent asked for my passport. I said I was just flying to Moline. She replied, “You aren’t flying to Shang Hai?”, “No, not that I know of”, I replied. Oh, I see, your flight from Chicago to Moline has been cancelled – you’ll will have to fly tomorrow. I opted to be diverted to Cedar Rapids, an airport closer to home, even though my car is in Moline.
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