Iowa City Brewfest 2008


The 2008 Iowa City Brewfest was a success. Sponsored again by John’s Grocery, the Brewfest raises money for the American Heart Association. It was a little warm, but it was nice to see that the event was held once again outside of the Old Chicago in Coralville (which was flooded in June, but is to reopen in a few weeks.)

I kept notes this year, and here are some of the best beers I tried. I favor wheat beers, but I also enjoyed several other styles. Here are the highlights:

Weihenstephan Hefeweissbier – fantastic

William Penn Colonial Lager – very tasty, flavorful lager

Horny Goat Wheat , brewed with coriander and orange peel

Point Horizon Wheat, an early favorite of mine

Big NO – Breckenridge Agave Wheat (sour and disgusting)

Bells Oberon Ale – excellent

Fransikaner Heffe-Weise
– Yes! Probably the world’s most perfect wheat beer

Budweiser American Ale – Surpisingly good, impressive and available soon

Millstream Heffeweizen – My local favorite

Konig Ludwig Weissbeer – Amazing

La Fin Du Monde – Unbelievably good Belgian style, made with clover in Quebec (11 out of 10!)

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