Iowa Flood of 2008

Voxman Music Building - 2006

Voxman Music Building – September 2006

Voxman Music Building - June 14, 2008

The worst of the flooding may be over for now, but not before sinking a dozen or so buildings on the University of Iowa campus. Despite the Herculean effort by hundreds of volunteers sandbagging, much of the Arts Campus flooded, including the Voxman Music Building. Above is a before and after shot and fortunately my studio is on the second floor. Thanks especially to Chris Dickey for helping out during this crisis. My heart goes out to my friends and colleagues in the area who are victims of the flood, and especially the thousands of people across the state who have lost everything or have been evacuated. Below are links covering the flood:

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2 Responses to Iowa Flood of 2008

  1. Jim Lyon says:


    I hope everyone and everything is ok with you. Our thoughts are with you…


  2. John Manning says:

    Thanks Jim, we’ll recover!

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