Summer 2008 Google Map

I’ve been utilizing lots of very useful Google applications lately, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Maps. I put together a cartographic plan of my travels this summer. Explore the interactive map and schedule below:

Summer 2008 Schedule:

June 6 – Last day of Great Musicians summer session class
June 7 – Iowa City Arts Festival
June 8 – Fly to California
June 8-12 – Atlantic Brass Quintet Seminar @ Sonoma State University
June 12/13 – Fly home
June 15th – Father’s Day/Mom’s Birthday!
June 16-20 – Rest, practice, prepare for ITEC and Northwestern Master Classes
June 22 – Drive to Cincinnati College Conservatory for International Tuba Euphonium Conference
June 23-28 – ITEC
June 29 – To Chicago for Northwestern Master Classes
June 29 – July 4 – Northwestern Master Classes with Gene Pokorny and Rex Martin
July 4 – Iowa City Jazz Festival with Spontaneous Combustion
July 7-10 – Family Vacation, Kansas City
July 22 – 26 – Drive from Iowa City to Boston
July 27-August 8 – Atlantic Brass Quintet Seminar, Boston University
August 8-14 – Cape Cod vist
August 14 – Drive to Iowa
August 25 – First Day of Fall 2008 Classes

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