Real Women Play the Tuba


I just discovered a wonderful essay, Real Women Play the Tuba
on a blog called 37 Days. I love this excerpt:

Shy Emma took to the stage and ripped open a sound that stopped all noise in the band room. Fathers and mothers turned to look, the band director clapped her hands together in surprise and joy, and I dropped my Luna Bar but was too pregnant to bend over and pick it up. “Wow!” the band director exclaimed. “That’s impressive! LOW BRASS for you, young lady!” Emma bowed her head, beaming.

Thanks to Patricia Digh. By the way – here is a beautiful post about the origin of the blog’s title

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4 Responses to Real Women Play the Tuba

  1. Jason Heath says:

    Thanks for linking to! I just did the same for TubaHead, and I’m subscribing to your RSS feed right now–what an enjoyable blog.

  2. John Manning says:


    Thanks so much – your blog is amazing, overwhelmingly dripping with content (am I drooling) I almost lost your comment as spam – I’m still new to this process, but glad I salvaged it.

    PS – We are fortunate here at Iowa to have Volkon on the faculty. What an AMAZING musician, and great guy.


    Hola…me gustaria comunicarme con mujeres que tocan tuba, yo lo hago en Medellin, Colombia hace mucho tiempo y es maravilloso, creo que no somos muchas en este pais..
    Un abrazo, Beatriz

    • John Manning says:


      Hello … I would like to communicate with women who play tuba, I do in Medellin, Colombia for a long time and it is wonderful, I think there are many in this country ..
      A hug, Beatriz

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