Reviews: Voom Portraits, Cherry Classics, K & M Music Stand

I finally got to see Voom Portraits, Robert Wilson’s revolutionary exhibit at the University of Iowa Museum of Art. It was amazing, a bit unnerving, and very creative. It would be difficult, if not impossible to adequately describe the exhibit, but I will attempt to.The exhibit consists of about 50 high definition television sceens hung in portrait orientation displaying short, imaginative, and super-crisp video portraits of people and animals accompanied by music and soundtracks. The catch is that the subjects were restricted to very little movement/action, so when you approach them (stumbling through the darkened gallery), you may mistake them for digital photographs. Then, you see the subjects breathing, or moving every so slightly, so your brain says “Oh, this is a video”, followed by “OK, is anything going to happen?” But instead of feeling disappointed in such a minimal video, you are transfixed, utterly fascinated with the subtleties, and relishing the slow pace of details revealed. Many are bizarre, scary, hilarious, or simply beautiful. They have to be seen to be understood, and viewing them online is not even a close substitute, but for a glimpse, view the Brad Pitt portrait here. The exhibit runs through March 30 here, and is on a world tour, so if you get the opportunity to see this exhibit, take the time.

I recently purchased the Cherry Classics Low Brass Excerpt Collection for my studio. It is a CD packed with the entire parts for trombone and tuba for dozens of orchestral works. So, it’s not just “excerpts” and these legal digital scans of original parts are invaluable and printable. It was well worth the $90, and will be very valuable to my studio.

Years ago, maybe ten, I bought a folding stand at Osmun’s Music in Arlington, MA. It is the best, sturdiest, folding stand I have ever seen – and I regularly receive complements on it. It is the K & M Music Stand “Robby” Model.It’s very sturdy and very light, I strongly recommend them if you are a freelance musician.

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