Open Source with Christopher Lydon

Christopher Lydon, host of the radio show Open Source recently featured Mike Roylance and Eli Newberger for a recent “Passion Thursday” broadcast focussed on the tuba. Chris is one of the smartest, thought-provoking commentators ever – I listened to his show The Connection religiously in Boston. It’s the type of show that always has something of interest for everyone, and you feel your IQ rising just listening. In this episode, we get to hear Eli and Mike’s thoughts on the tuba and hear them both play wonderfully. You can listen to the show here.About ten years ago I was a guest on the connection, thanks mainly to meeting Chris at a musicale Eli graciously hosted at his home. I am glad to know that all three of these fine gentlemen continue to advocate for the tuba. For more on Dr. Newberger, check out his website. There, you can learn more about this true “Renaissance Man” (Pediatrician, Author, Musician, Teacher) and don’t miss the Tubby the Tuba video with Mike Roylance and the “Cupcake Philharmonic Orchestra.” Tuba players will learn a lot by realizing the depth of Mike’s tone, his flexibility, and versatility across genres.

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