The Ides of March

Julius Caesar statue

Some random news on this March 15th, sorry Caesar…

On Monday, I will be giving a master class and solo recital at Wayne State College in Nebraska. Liang-Fang Chang, my accompanist and graduate student from the University of Iowa, and I will be repeating most of the program from my October recital here at Iowa. I was invited by my former graduate student Josh Calkin, who was just appointed Professor of tuba and euphonium/Assitant Director of Bands there. Josh Professor Calkin will be joining me for a performance of my composition Dark as well as a set of duets at the end of the recital. Since the performance is scheduled for St. Patrick’s day, Josh informed me that we will be wearing green wigs for the ocassion (pictures later). I am very proud of Josh and look forward to seeing Wayne. You can read up on his activities on his blog; Yellow Tuba White Noise and his self-designed faculty website.

In other student news, Mike Stephan, a former student of mine from the University of Massachusetts just called to let me know that he is an alternate for Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra. Mike went on to get his Masters degree from the New England Conservatory and then Duquesne University, where he was just appointed as adjunct faculty. Congrats Mike and keep up the good work.

Four of my students are eagerly awaiting the results of the preliminary round for the International Tuba Euphonium Conference Competitions, we are all crossing our fingers and biting our nails. They have worked very hard, sound great, and are a very dedicated group. (update soon?)

Finally, an article I wrote on auditioning for college was mentioned in Kate Boyd’s blog Notes from the Ivory Tower. Thank you Kate. I was impressed with her blog, especially when I read about her post on the importance of breathing for pianists.

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