Beer as Currency

In Seminar Class today, after realizing that the theme for the day was “Beer”, and after receiving your generous gift of Fat Tire, I was inspired to declare beer the official currency of the UI Tuba Euphonium Studio. Of course, I don’t advocate underage drinking, which is no laughing matter on our campus, and I encourage those of you who are of age to drink responsibly. But, during this traditionally beer-centric month of Oktoberfest, I think it is appropriate to examine our attitude toward beer.

Beer as currency is not a new idea, nor is the culture of beer-drinking exclusive to rowdy college students, sports fans, or just plain alcoholics. The history of beer is one of necessity, agriculture, and commerce. The ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Armenians, Romans, and Trappist Monks brewed beer thousands of years ago. I see no problem with merely appreciating a good beer. Like fine wine and great food, one can enjoy without overdoing it – as they say, everything in moderation.

Once again, thanks for the gift and for the great attendance at my recital. I’m glad you all got to hear the many varied genres of music available to all of you. I look forward to a great OkTUBAfest!

For more about the history of beer, beer as currency, and especially responsible drinking, check out the links below.

Beer as Currency:

Beer History:

Responsible Drinking:

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