Final Project Guidelines – Fall 2007

For your final project this semester, I have assigned something that will expose you to artistic disciplines other than your own. Teams of two or three members of the studio will attend five events and speak briefly about their experiences at the final seminar class on Tuesday, December 6th. Here are the guidelines:

A. All members of each team must attend any two of these three types of performances:

  • A non-brass recital (string, woodwind, percussion, piano, organ)
  • A vocal or opera production (solo or studio recital, ensemble concert)
  • A composition department forum

B. All members of each team must attend any three of the five events listed below:

  • Theatre Department production
  • Art exhibit
  • Dance performance
  • Film Department Screening
  • Poetry or author reading

C. Prepare a final presentation answering three of the following questions:

  1. In what ways did you find other arts similar? How were they different?
  2. Which event was most inspirational for you? Which was your least favorite?
  3. What did you learn from this experience? How has it inspired you?
  4. Suggest an idea for a collaborative arts project.
  5. What constructive criticism would you offer each artist or ensemble?

• I would prefer that you attend student or faculty events on the University of Iowa Campus, or off-campus professional events.

• Attendance must be corroborated by the submission of a program or tickets stub, and a note from the sponsoring UI faculty in attendance.

• Each member of each team must attend every event and contribute equally to the final five-minute presentation.

After I announced this in Seminar, I received the following memo from Alan MacVey, the Director of the Division of Performing Arts:

Dear Colleague,

This year the Division of Performing Arts has a new initiative to encourage artistic, scholarly and curricular collaboration across our units. As you will see from the attachment, we have some funding to support interesting ideas. Equally important is the message the initiative sends, which is that we in the Division value interdisciplinary work and will do what we can to support it. I hope you’ll find the opportunity provocative.

I wish you the best for the coming year,


Director, Division of Performing Arts
Chair, Theatre Arts Department”

The attachment is entitled Arts Across Borders and reads…

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the arts can perform an important function: they can help audiences see to the heart of complicated matters. The primary goal of Arts Across Borders is to encourage faculty in Dance, Music and Theatre to work together and, when appropriate, with faculty in other units, to create new interdisciplinary works of art or scholarship, or new courses, that respond to the difficult questions human beings face today.

Projects may be at any stage of development. They may need only space in which to explore and rehearse, or they may need funding for production support, guest artists or other expenses. In this initial year, because the schedule of major productions is already complete, full productions cannot be added; developmental projects with full productions envisioned in future years may be supported. Project directors are encouraged but not required to involve students….

…Types of projects to be funded: Artistic works, scholarly or critical research/writing, and new course preparation. New courses will be offered (at least initially) only through the Center for Credit Programs.

Criteria for selection: (1) Innovation; (2) Interdisciplinary creativity; (3) Clarity of vision; (4) Ability of the Division to support the proposal in an appropriate manner.

Selection Process: A subcommittee from the Division Advisory Committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee (including the Production Manager), which in turn will make a recommendation to the Division Director.

Application process: Answer the following questions. The entire proposal should not exceed three pages in length.

1. Briefly explain your project and its purpose, and specifically address the selection criteria. Include what you plan to do this year and what, if anything, you plan beyond this year.

2. Who are the principle faculty and/or staff members involved? Include a brief (no more than three pages) CV from each faculty or staff member involved in the project. You must have representatives from at least two of the units in the Division (include yourself). Collaboration with faculty or staff from outside the Division is encouraged.

3. What are you requesting from the Division (space, personnel support, funding)? When do you need it and exactly how will it be used? Include a budget.

4. Indicate if you have applied or will apply for other funding.

For 2007-2008: October 15.
For 2008-2009: February 15.

I did not know about this in advance of planning our final project. It seems that the need to understand each other through the arts is worthy and relevant goal. If you have any questions about the final project, please let me know.

I have added a new sidebar to the right with some links to help you find arts events for your final projects. If you have suggestions for new links, please email me.

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