A Writer Amongst Us

Pat Bigsby is not only a member of our studio, he is also a very gifted writer – as we discovered last year during our blog projects. It is no surprise that he is a journalism major, but I was happy to hear that he has started to write for the Daily Iowan.

His recent story, about bird-watching, reminded me that Iowa City was the first place I observed a Bald Eagle in the wild. During my interview process, Professor Jeff Agrell was driving me around campus and as we turned onto the Park Rd. bridge, I spied this huge brown and white eagle swooping just yards above the bridge. I was floored to read in Pat’s article that a pelican had been spotted in Iowa City recently – boy, did he take a wrong turn.

Check out “Scoop Bigsby’s” columns in the DI here (free registration), and don’t underestimate the value of the written word. Since our final project this semester is to critique an article from the International Tuba Euphonium Association Journal, and to write your own, I look forward to reading all of your articles – especially Pat’s.

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