The Bardo

David Glivar conductingToday in Collegium Tubum, we read The Bardo by David Glivar a composition and tuba student at the Ohio University School of Music. Dr. Jason Roland Smith, the tuba professor at Ohio, gave me this score while we were at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference in Denver this summer. I would like to perform it on our studio recital October 30th. I would suggest you look at your part and click here to hear an mp3 recording.

The composer says:

“According to Tibetan tradition, the Bardo is the place of existence between two physical lives on earth. One dies, goes to the Bardo for judgement, and is sent back to earth to be born in a new physical body. The Bardo can be a very terrifying and confusing place, but it can also be beautiful.”

Read more about Bardo here.

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