https://i1.wp.com/www.uni.edu/drfun/unituba/web/images/UNITUBAf04_jpg.jpgOur sister studio, UNITUBAS, at the University of Northern Iowa has a new blog. Currently it features Dr. Funderburk’s adventures in South Korea. Since 2004, Jeff Funderburk and I have enjoyed a reciprocal cooperative, sharing resources, guest artists, and performing together. Another new feature of the UNITUBA website is the concerts page. For those of you that performed in the Steven Mead “Mega-Concert” on April 21, 2005, you can now listen to that concert online here.

Our first cooperative endeavor this year will be a visit from guest artist Jon Sass on September 21-22. I will be organizing transportation for those of you that want to attend this event. We may also be able to arrange a teleconference to enable us to observe his creativity workshop. I heard him at ITEC in Denver this summer play some amazing funk/rock/rap at Red Rocks. Jon is an old friend from my Boston University days, and he is an incredibly inspiring creative force in the tuba world. You won’t want to miss this event.

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