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The members of the University of Iowa Tuba Euphonium Studio had some interesting and varied experiences this summer. Here are some of the details:

Karl Zelle performed with the Metropolitan Winds in Dallas over the summer and tripled the sound of the tuba section with his new Willson 3050. It is a massive horn with a huge sound.

Three of the members of our studio attended the Atlantic Brass Quintet Seminar at Boston College; Claire Sievers, Kristina “Tapper” Gavin, and Pat “Cleft” Bigsby. Both Claire and Pat attended for the second consecutive summer and everyone made great music. In addition to playing in an outstanding quintet, Claire Sievers served as the Resident Assistant in the dormitory and spied over 20 whales on a whale watching excursion.

I had a nice summer, with just the right mix of travel, productivity, and relaxation. In June, I attended and performed at the International Tuba Euphonium Conference in Denver. (read more on Tubahead) My wife and daughter joined me for a visit to Massachusetts, and we were able to visit relatives before and after the ABQ Seminar. For a final summer trip, we went to the Iowa State Fair and had a nice time (no, I did not have a deep fried Twinkie 😉

Please post comments and tell us about your summer experiences.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Deep fried twinkies are amazing, in case anyone is wondering. Twinkie + batter + stick + a vat of pure fat = perfection.

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